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It pays to have friends

Get paid when your friends buy!

Do you have a site that sells products that are similar to ours? Do you want to make extra money on the side? Do you have a business and promoting our products could bring you an extra side hustle? Well joining our affiliate team may be just the thing for you!

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Join our affiliate team

Here at Rica Oh My we pride ourselves on our ability to create products that promote self care and self love. As we move forward into new endeavors we want to bring our valued customers along with us as we grow. You can earn 15% on product sales of our yoni boxes and $5 for our yoni pillows. If you own a yoni steaming business or have a shop that has similar products you could be bringing in extra cash!

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How does it work:

 Click the link provided and enter your information. Once you are approved you will then have your own dashboard where you will be able to see your individual progress and payout. You will also get an individual link to promote, creative tools you can use to market and a coupon for your customers to use! It's a win win!

How much will I make:

How much you make is up to you and the traffic you bring to your individual site or business.  The 15% Commission is based off of the price of the product. For example if you sale our Yoni Starter Kit for $155 you would earn $23.25. We also have flat rate commission of $5 for our yoni pillows. At this time as we are starting our affiliate program, our yoni boxes and yoni pillows will be the only items commissioned. This is also because these are the most bought products on our site. 

How can I make money from affiliate sales:

If you own a yoni steam business promote pillows in store or on your site so that customers can have their own pillow for their steaming sessions. Great way to promote exclusive comfort and make $5 every time you do. 10 customers could put $50 in your pocket by the end of the week.

If you teach yoni steam training classes promote the purchase of one of our yoni boxes or starter kits to use during training. A small class of 10 could put $230 in your pocket!

If you have a site with similar products add the link and allow customers to shop our yoni boxes and yoni pillows. This can create an extra income where you don't have to lift a finger!

If you have a big following with similar products you sale or make, send the link out to your followers and make some money while your sleep!

Our yoni starter kits are our most popular and are really big amongst those who are beginning their journey into yoni steaming. Either to for self care to postpartum.

There are so many other ways to make money on the side when you join our circle and  affiliate market with Rica Oh My!

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