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6 tips on getting back to feeling positive! How to get your glass half full when your running low.

It's going to be okay,

It's going to be okay. It's not that bad. Things will get better. I know you're tired of hearing this but you know what, all of these things are true. It's just how you use these words to your advantage. Staying on the brighter end of the rainbow is not always the easiest. Especially when issues seem to never go away. The feelings of constant bumps in the road will have you in the mindset of, "If it's not one thing it's another." Having a hard day? Ill give you 6 tips you can use that can help you get your glass half full.


A lot of times you will read that breathing exercises, working out, and meditation helps to relax your mind when you aren't feeling your best self. Well it's true! When your focusing on inhaling and exhaling your not connecting to your inner thoughts. You're actually detaching by focusing fully on breathing. That is why you'll always hear how great meditation is for depression and anxiety. Here is a great download on guided meditation for beginners. If your not feeling positive most likely your drowning in those ugly, negative thoughts. Either these are thoughts that happened in the past your dwelling on, present issues or something you clearly made up (like thinking about how one day soon you're going to actually go off on that girl from work). Negative thoughts can rule your mind if you don't get them under control. So try some mediation, get out and run or focused breathing. Hey, and what's wrong with getting in shape or learning something new to burn off some steam? Elevation is our game!


Well yeah! What do you mean? Breathing didn't work right? Ok then! Scream, cry, kick (not someone else though) but yes, get it out! When I'm overwhelmed with emotions and anxiety from constantly thinking deeper into all of the issues I have before me, crying helps me. I'm not a crier and I usually push through, cheer myself on and talk to who I can trust with the issue I have present. Sometimes all that ebook, self help coaching stuff doesn't help. I hate for my kids to see me cry, so if I do, I definitely find the pillow at night, or during the day, a fake bathroom break or shower where I let it all out! The relief I feel after is so amazing! It doesn't solve any problems but crying allows me to be upset, be hurt and feel that I'm not always in control and powerful. It brings me back down to earth, let me know I'm only human and that I have to wipe my tears and find a plan. Fix your crown and keep it pushing!


Setting goals always helps to assist moving past any problems I have. I don't care if I just lost a job unexpectedly or feeling selfish because I haven't spent much needed family quality time. I need to write out a plan. Writing out a plan and setting goals helps to visualize what's ahead in a positive form. It's important to be able to focus ahead and not to sit and dwell on the problem. Once the problem has happened, in all honesty that problem is actually in the past. You know what the problem is, so now you are in the best position because now you are able to find a solution. Either it be alone, through the help of family, friends or strangers, or through the help of an outside source. Focusing on the solution, writing it down and picturing it can bring a relief to your mind. Self-care journals are the best! So sit down with a pen and paper and jot down some goals or thoughts that will assist you in knocking out the problem. Problem? Yeah, what problem? We're on our game!


Huh? Something I just told you not to do right, but yes! You read it right. Remember the time when you lost your job, shrugged it off, got in your car to drive home and ran out of gas then realized the whole time you've been working you never saved a dime and your account is negative 22 dollars. Your next payday is next friday and you did have a boo that didn't mind sharing but you cut him off about a week ago. That was so long ago right, and your grateful you got through that mess. Uh huh! Things happen and they happen over and over again. No matter who you are, rich, Robin Hood or a bonafide church member. You are no way out of the clear from bad days, weeks or months but sometimes the very thought of how things could be worst helps us to remember that it's actually not so bad. It's just the frustration building causing that strong rush and flow of negative emotions, thoughts and hang-ups. So breathe. Someone has it worse than you and most likely you've had it worse before too. You made it through that last struggle right? Okay! Let's get through this one with grace at a positive pace!


When I have problems concerning getting down in the dumps I do have a go to person and no, it's not always my man. He is very understanding and sweet but I have designated people for certain issues. (If that makes any sense.) I can't go to my friend that won't save a dime about money problems and how to save and it's hard to go to my friend that refuses to settle down because she's living her best life, about relationship advice. You get me? I can approach this friend and not even give details into why I'm feeling down and she will gladly give me some positive words and affirmations. At the very least this always peps me up to keep going. We do the same for each other and it's very comforting to know that someone feels and understands where your head space is. So If you have that one person you can open up about your feelings please do share. You'd be amazed as to how many people are feeling the same way. Who knows, you may end up helping someone out just by talking about your story.


This may seem like a no brainer but staying positive is the very beginning. Its so close to the beginning it can practically be the title before you even open the book. Maintaining a positive outlook is so important in each step you take into moving forward to getting out of your mood. Your mind has a strong effect on your body. Those negative thoughts and feelings can make you want to not get up in the morning, not jump in the shower, put your phone on silent, close all of your blinds and curtains, take your problems out on the people you love and even more you basically end up taking things out on yourself. Why do that to yourself when you deserve so much better? It's absolutely nothing wrong with not feeling your best self. Your human, not some sunshine robot with a smile and a happy meter that should be on 100% or you'll explode. So stop it! Don't be hard on yourself, remind yourself that things are going to be okay, tell yourself it's not as bad as it could be and remember things will get better as you slowly take steps of improving your positive mood. You owe yourself this!

Have you used any of these tips? If so how did they work? Do you have some great ideas for the people that are reading this too? Share with us in the comments.

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