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yoni steaming herbs help the healing, rejuvination and cleansing of the vagina resulting in reproduction and overall vaginal health. These herbs were used by ancient healers and midwives. 


Most common symptoms relieved:

painful periods

Fertility Issues

maintain healthy odor

regulation of Irregular periods

relive bacterial infections

Uterine fibroids

Ovarian cysts

Vaginal Dryness

Previous Vaginal Tears or episiotomy

Cleanse and detofify

increase libido and lubrication

Organic Refresh Yoni Herbal Blend

  • 1. Prepare your steam by boiling 5 cups of water with about ¼ or a handful of yoni herbs. (purified or spring water)

    2. Boil the herbs for 10 minutes allowing the medicinal properties to be released into the water. After 10 minutes turn off the burner allowing the herbs to sit for 10 minutes. (if using a crockpot you can now turn the heat to your desired temperature while water cools.

    3. Place the bowl or pot you will be steaming with inside of your yoni box. Pour the herb infused water into the bowl, pot or crock pot.

    4. Carefully place your hand 6 to 8 inches above the bowl or pot to check the temperature of the steam. (Please be very careful and make sure that the temperature is right for you before beginning your steam. This step is very important to help you avoid burns or irritation.

    5. Place cushion, pillow or a towel(wrapped as a donut) to soften the yoni seat. Remove underwear and sit on the seat of your yoni box once you have ensured the steam is comfortable to your liking.

    6. Enjoy your steam for 20-25 minutes up to 30 minutes if the steam is still warm.

    7. If you are done with your steam, discard water into the toilet.

    8. If you would like a second dose repeat steps 1-6

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