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Yoni Steaming for the Rookie: 7 basics you should know about vaginal steaming

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Are you looking into vaginal steaming at home or just for general knowledge? There is so much to learn and you have started your journey to research. Well keep reading because here are 7 basic things you should know about vaginal steaming.

1. This was not made up yesterday

Vaginal steaming has become the thing for women who are seeking a natural remedy for self and vaginal care and the word is getting out. Although we are seeing constant trends on social media, yoni steaming has been around for centuries. vaginal steaming is an ancient forgotten wisdom of medicine used by women from ancient Africa, Mayan and Asian cultures. I'm sure you heard some things too, keep reading to see if you know all the basics of yoni steaming.

2. There's more than one way to steam

Searching for a way to steam your yoni? Searching for a yoni throne most likely you'll find a wooden box, stool or chair. Check out my store for some really cute natural wood yoni boxes. I myself enjoy and trust the steam box. Steam boxes in my opinion provide a great stable seating and also can provide the perfect enclosed space where the steam will be held and released. While searching you may also find bowls that you use while sitting on the toilet! I'll tell you why I think steaming on a toilet is beyond me, but hey not going to judge today.

3. It can get hot

The steam box, chair or stool will come with a hole in the middle of the seat. This is where your vaginal area will be exposed to steam and heat. Allowing the water to cool properly is very important to avoid burns or irritation from the steam. Personally, I love to use the

crock pot because it allows me to have control over the heat. We have options to add steaming pots and single burners to you order. Grab one, it's the perfect size! (Just don't make the family dinner in it afterwards, but I don't have to tell you that right?) So do your pum pum a solid and check the heat before you take a seat!

4. There's a yoni herbal blend for you

The steam itself is wonderful experience but the real beauty of the show is the yoni herbs. Now, yoni herbs can vary in each blend depending if you are looking to increase chances of fertility, getting rid of fibroids, mensural issues like heavy bleeding or absent periods, post-partum for healing and actually I can go on for days. Whatever it is that's ailing your kitty, it's out there.

5. The yoni herbs are the magic

In the herbs are the medicinal properties. The blend you use for steaming would be either natural dried or fresh herbs. These herbs help with healing, cleansing and restoration of the vagina, womb and skin exposed during the steam. Each herb has a healing power so make sure to get to know your yoni herbs and blends. I've used many yoni herbs before but this is the one I love.

6. Its just like making tea, but not for those lips (wink)

You've made tea before right? Basically the same method. You boil the tea and all of the good stuff releases itself into the water. The blend of yoni herbs will be boiled and the medicinal properties extracted into the water thus providing the steam with healing powers that enter your body. Most yoni steam practitioners recommend 25-30 minutes of steaming time in one session. How often varies depending on reasons for the steam.

7. Steaming's not for every vagina

There are some reasons it is not recommended for you to steam. Avoid steaming if you are experiencing heavy bleeding, on your cycle, have any open wounds or sores on the vaginal area or if you have a serious infection. Some mommies 37 weeks and further along are able to steam but please get with a professional before you do.

If you do have a serious infection it's best to get professional care before using the yoni steam. If you are unsure if you should steam please seek information from a health care professional. The internet has so much information to assist you on your yoni journey so no need to stumble around without knowledge. If your still unsure how to go about steaming its best to book an appointment at your local yoni spa and take notes.

Thanks for reading

Vaginal steaming is wonderful, and oh I hope this information entices you to get your own or book an appointment because it is well worth it. Yoni steaming can be used as a way to relax, heal the spirit, mind and body. It is an ancient practice yet it has been passed down as an empowering practice for women to approach self and vaginal care naturally. Will you be yoni steaming?

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