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How To Vaginal Steam at Home

Updated: May 16, 2022

So you finally purchased your very own yoni steam box from RICA OH MY! If you haven't, make your way to my store and put your order in. Your order comes with a free gift of yoni herbs for your first steam! First, I'd like to start off by saying congratulations sis! Your taking your first step to natural vaginal care. Yoni steaming is a lost ancient wisdom for women's vaginal problems that are resolved with using natural herbs and a steaming method. Spas are popping up all over with v-steaming services and now you get to experience yoni steaming in the comfort of your own home where you can create your own sacred space. Although there are multiple instructions of how to steam out there I will give you instructions below on how I prepare my yoni steam session's at home. Please follow instructions carefully and take caution where advised. Most importantly enjoy!


READY your mind

Vaginal steaming is more than just a quick grooming routine. When done correctly you can get a very unique spiritual experience that brings you the feeling of oneness and empowerment. Preparing your intentions for your steam can give your session a significant and deeper meaning. Vaginal steaming can be used to assist with sexual past traumas, clear negative emotions, align your chakras, meditate, bond with inner self, and many other rewarding experiences. So, before you prepare anything, ready your mind and set your intentions for your steam.

SET your space

Setting your space is going to give you the comfort and mood that you need and require. When you go for a massage or yoga there is a mood. Low lights, a set up of different designs, meditative decor and chilled music. As you set your space think of what will comfort you and allow you to remain in a relaxed state of mind. Cut off your phone, go somewhere in your home where there is less noise and interruptions, all of these ideas you should have in mind when setting up your space. Silence can be golden but for me, most often its kids in the next room so music goes a long way in draining out other noises and brining focus and attention to me and my steam. Often I'll play a meditation playlist because sound is more soothing for me than vocals. Some extra things to consider keeping in arms length is water or tea to keep you hydrated, socks and a journal and pen if you like to jot down your thoughts or manifestations.

For me candles set the mood and allow me to cut the lights off to be in a more tranquil setting. Intention candles are perfect when steaming or meditating. They are pre made for different intentions such as self love, releasing energy and anything to manifest your wishes and desires. I may grab some of my favorite crystals to hold or keep close by. My favorite when steaming is my rose quartz. I use this stone to align my heart with true and loving compassion, which is a perfect symbolism of my intentional steam for self-love and care. To help cleanse any negative energies I also may burn a sage stick. We carry sage bundles in our store, so don't forget them!

After I prepare my area I take in all things that I do because for me every step is a full ritual. Once you have gotten these instructions down packed you will be able to focus in on the whole vibe vaginal steaming will bring. It will become your own ritual!

STEAM your yoni


1. Prepare your steam by boiling 5 cups of water with about ¼ or a handful of dried

yoni herbs. Try ours, they are organic dried herbs that smell wonderful and work amazingly! If you are using fresh herbs make sure to double that amount.

2. Boil the herbs for 10 minutes allowing the medicinal properties of each herb to be released into the water. After 10 minutes turn off the burner allowing the herbs to sit for 10 minutes. (if using a crockpot you can now turn the heat to your desired temperature.) Get a single burner as an option when you buy a yoni steam box from our site.

3. Place the bowl or pot you will be steaming with inside of your yoni box. Pour the herb infused water into the bowl, pot or crock pot.

4. Carefully place your hand 6 to 8 inches above the steaming pot/bowl to check the temperature of the steam. (Please be very careful and make sure that the temperature is right for you before beginning your steam. This step is very important to help you avoid burns or irritation from the heat.

towel(wrapped as a donut) to soften the yoni seat. Remove underwear and sit on the seat of your yoni box, once you have ensured the steam is comfortable to your liking.

5. Place cushion, yoni pillow or a folded towel in a donut shape on

your yoni seat for comfort.

6. Enjoy your steam for 20-25 minutes up to 30 minutes if the steam is still warm.

7. If you are done with your steam, discard water into the toilet. ( Or outside to connect with the earth)

It is important to note that yoni steaming with herbs are used as medicinal herbs just like a medicine would be dosed to you. So be aware of how often you steam. If you have never steamed before and have no underlying issues its considered best to steam the 3 days before your monthly cycle and once after. If you are trying to conceive it is considered that you steam regularly once or twice a week. Once again, be aware of the herbal dosage and specific herbs. If you would like detailed info on herbs, dosage, length and time when to steam. you can get the Yoni Steam Facilitator Certification manual to assist with intermediate and advanced information from physical to spiritual yoni healing.

Please follow instructions very carefully to avoid accidents or burns. Do not steam during menses, if you have irritated open sores, before 37 weeks pregnant (speak with doctor before steaming while pregnant). Vaginal steaming is not used to treat sexually transmitted diseases and may not cure all vaginal ailments. Before steaming seek professional advice.

After you steam you can discard your used water in the toilet or it can be discarded into the grass connecting you back to mother earth. Make sure your water and pot is not too hot and is tolerable to the touch. Every time I'm done steaming there's a satisfaction and empowerment that overwhelms me. Steaming is so much more than just a spa service it can be as deep as you want it to be.

Happy yoni, happy life

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Angelina DeVine
Angelina DeVine

I actually have one of ricaohmy's yoni boxes and the herbs& I can honestly say it's phenomenal!!!!!

Erica Dotson (Author)
Erica Dotson (Author)

Angelina thanks so much for your feedback on our products happy steaming!

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