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Get the whole SHE BANG!!! Our yoni starter kit comes  with everything you need to start your journey as a steam queen. The yoni starter comes with 1 oz of our Organic Refresh Yoni Steaming Herbal Blend, one of our 100% organic woven flax linen yoni pillows and single burner. The single burner is just like your stove burner with multiple settings, all you need to do is add your own pot to steam. The Yoni Steam box is used during an ancient vaginal steaming practice to cleanse and heal the womb through steaming with natural herbs. Now you can create your own scared space at home and enjoy this ancient practice.


Want more herbs? Purchase 1 oz of our  Organic Refresh Yoni Herbal Blend


Happy Yoni, Happy Life!


Yoni Steam Starter Kit

  • This box is a light weight 14 lbs vaginal steaming box made of formaldehyde-free, soy based, environmentally friendly, Hardwood plywood. 
    -Center hole- 6 inches 
    -The inside of the box has an all natural waterproof non toxic & zero VOC  sealant that allows multiple uses while protecting the wood. 
    -Back hole - 2 inches/ used as a plug hole for any heating mechanisms that may be used such as small/large crock pot or single burner. 
    - Weight limit (275 tested)

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